CUNAHJ speaker’s coordinator, Sandro Mairata, moderates a talk by Spanish journalist Judith Torrea.

October 12, marked the premier of CUNAHJ’s Charlas, a series of informal talks with influential media personalities, coordinated by Sandro Mairata (M.S. ’11). Judith Torrea presented her award-winning blog, Ciudad Juárez, en la sombra del narcotráfico (Juarez City, in the shadow of drug trafficking), which chronicles life and tragedy in the notoriously deadly border region.  Torrea is a longtime journalist in the U.S. and Latin  America.

Watch a video interview of her, completed for her 2009 Ortega y Gasset digital journalism award.

Torrea said she was often more afraid of police than of drug dealers. Her survival tactics for living in Juarez include moving to a different house every few months to avoid detection. Through it all, she made remarks about the beauty of Juarez and people who endure its violence.

You can read her blog here.

–Camilo Smith


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