TONIGHT: Panel with Moors Cabot Prize winners

Susan Meiselas/Magnum Photos, for The New York Times

A reminder not to miss tonight’s talk with the Latin American Maria Cabot Prize winners. It’s from 5:30-7 p.m. TODAY in room 601B.  One of the speakers, Carlos Fernando Chamorro, is one of the most famous people visiting the J-school this year.

Also, our very own NAHJ member and Speaker Chair Sandro Mairata will be moderating!!

Here’s a summary brought to you by Dean Boubion from Career Services:

The headliner is Nicaragua’s most famous investigative journalist, Carlos Fernando Chamorro, who comes from Nicaragua’s most famous family. His father, who was editor of the anti-Somoza newspaper La Prensa, was assassinated during Somoza’s era in 1978. The assassination prompted his mother Violeta Chamorro to run for president of the country. Carlos has continued his father’s legacy as a muckraking journalist, and has come under pressure from current president Daniel Ortega’s government censors because of his work as host and founder of the investigative TV program “Esta Semana,” Nicaragua’s equivalent of 60 Minutes.

The other guest speakers are Tyler Bridges, a prize-winning foreign correspondent based in Lima who writes for the Wash. Post, Miami Herald, Dallas Morning News, New Orleans Times-Pic and other papers, and Norman Gall, a business/economics journalist based in Brazil who has reported on Brazil’s economic rise and fall.

The three journalists are the 2011 winners of the Maria Moors Cabot Prize for Outstanding Reporting in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Cabot Prize ceremony and gala dinner is taking place at Low Library this Thursday, October 26, 2010.

More about the Cabot Awards and its history at the Columbia Journalism School’s website.


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