Slideshow: Documentary screening “Sins of my Father”

With a packed house, CU-NAHJ screened the latest film of "The Reel Latin America" documentary screening series. Photo by Svetlana Didorenko

At our final screening night, the place was packed. We ended the activities of the CU-NAHJ class of 2011 with the screening of  Sins of my Father (Pecados de mi Padre, Argentina, 2009), by Nicolás Entel, as part of the series The Reel Latin America.

Though Nicolás could not be present due to personal reasons, he was kind enough to send a pre-recorded video message which everybody loved:

And after the documentary ended, we had an extended Q&A live via Skype with Sebastián Marroquín, Pablo Escobar’s son, who took questions from the audience without asking for previous arrangements or conditions, making this a truly remarkable night.

We’d like to thank everybody involved, specially Nicolás, Sebastián, Prof. Elena Cabral, and Evelyn Corchado (both from CU-NAHJ), who provided greatest support.

The following pictures were taken by Svetlana Didorenko, J’11.

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