Documentary Screening: “Guadalupe Sin Pasaporte”

964757_738985782790188_1791138085299788484_o (1)Date: Monday,May 5


Where: Columbia University

“Guadalupe Sin Pasaporte” (Guadalupe: No Passport Needed) is a film by Carmen Alarcón Salvat, J’08. It takes viewers on a journey through three countries, Mexico, the U.S. and Spain to explore the devotion to and symbolism of Mexico’s patron saint. Alarcón follows the Guadalupe Torch Run, a marathon pilgrimage that thousands of faithful make annually from Mexico City to New York City. It is a journey that goes beyond faith and religion, for it highlights the perilous obstacles faced by Mexicans seeking better economic conditions in the U.S. to support their families back home. Many of these migrants remain hopeful for a reunion with their loved ones through their devotion to La Virgen de Guadalupe.

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